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the social life of any web page

Share Counters extension displays the number of shares of the web page currently displayed in your browser,  so you exactly knows how it performed.

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Displays the social shares counters for any web page you visit.

Quick insights

Total Shares, Web Rank and Page Reach


One click on the social network icon and you share the current page.


An incredible tool to add the social context to the page you visit. After a day, this little tool has a definitive impact on my strategies.
Amanda Socializer
Amanda Rocca
Marketing Guru
Now I know what press-release website I will use to launch my next app! I just focus on the one that is working the best for my kind of product.
Yann Siflor
I am a stumbler and this tool is a revolution for me! Just imagine: I can detect the pages that was massively shared on one or more social networks, but was not yet stumbled.  I can bring more good stuff to my community.