14 Most Shared Social Networks 05/2017

14 Most Shared Social Networks 05/2017

Instead of using search engine metrics (backlinks count), or the number of visitors to rank the major social networks, we decided to use share metrics, provided by the Chrome extension Share Counters.

14. Myspace - 13K Shares

From 2005 to 2008, Myspace was the largest social network in the world. It is not the case anymore, but we are happy to still have it in our list in 2017.

13. Livejournal - 53K Shares

The Russian social network managed to get 53K shares, most of them comes from Stumbleupon. We should never underestimate Stumbleupon.

12. Stumbleupon - 244K Shares

Stumbleupon is incredibly efficient for some type of content, specially the one that attract and keep user's attention.

11. Ask.fm - 345K Shares

Ask.fm in the one of the few in our list to miss the 100% reach. Anyone can change this: just share it on Stumble.

10. VK - 500K Shares

VK, the largest European social network, managed to hit the 500K shares this year, but was never shared yet on Twitter, Reddit, Stumble or Linked-in.

9. Reddit- 635K Shares

Reddit is apart from the other social networks as it generates much more hits than shares. A single share on reddit can bring thousands of active visitors.

8. Flickr - 2.5M Shares

Flickr is the first in the list to reach the million mark, with 2.5 million shares - 1.6M of them coming from Pinterest.

7. Pinterest - 4.9M Shares

Pinterest is known to generate shares, and this tends to confirm it. Pinterest is massively shared on Google+.

6. Google+ - 8.7M Shares

Interestingly, Google+ managed to get 8.7 million shares with only 164K shares on Google+ itself... competition is good! 

5. Instagram - 22M Shares

Instagram users seems very active on Facebook and Pinterest, and Instagram collected an impressive 22M shares.

4. Tumblr - 31M Shares

The vast majority of the Tumblr shares comes from Pinterest. 31M shares compared to 50K of Facebook is a lot.

3. Twitter - 32M Shares

Twitter is a little in the same situation as Google+, with only 244K shares on twitter for 32M shares in total.

2. YouTube - 37M Shares

YouTube is the second most shared social network in our list, and managed to get 20M shares on Google+.

1. Facebook - 184M Shares

Whatever the metrics we use, Facebook is still, by far, the most popular social network in the world. 184M million of shares is impressive.

All screenshots comes from Socializer chrome extension.

You can get the same metrics for any webpage - the extension is free with no ad.

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